Stanford Hospital & Clinics near Hotel Keen

Hotel Keen offers an excellent downtown location, just minutes from University Avenue and the Stanford University campus. Whether you're attending a medical conference or lecture, or visiting a college friend, Hotel Keen features efficient accommodations and services. Our Palo Alto hotel is easily accessible to the Stanford Hospital & Clinics, located at fifteen different facilities throughout the Stanford University campus.

Stanford Hospital at Stanford University.

The Stanford Hospital & Clinics is recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of "America's Best Hospitals" and is dedicated to advanced patient care and health care technologies. The hospital employs roughly 1,910 well-trained medical staff, plus 850 interns and residents. The Stanford Hospital specializes in neurosciences, complex transplant procedures in addition to the treatment of complex disorders in areas of cancer, neurology, neurosurgery, obstetrics, orthopedics, cancer and surgery. The Stanford Health Library main branch is located at the Stanford
Shopping Center.

Stanford Clinic Services.

Stanford University's School of Medicine is dedicated to the advancement of the health care field and provides rigorous prep and training to university students and residents. Most Stanford University faculty physicians at the Stanford School of Medicine work at the Stanford Clinic. The Stanford Clinic offer over 100 speciality services including pulmonary medicine, dermatology, and nutrition.
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Stanford Hospital & Clinics Events.

Throughout the year, the Stanford Hospital & Clinics sponsors various lectures, educational programs, conferences and classes. The best and brightest doctors, residents and health care practitioners gather to debate health care ideas and discuss the latest advancements in the field of health and medicine.

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